Using DocOnline helps to easily connect with doctor at a time this plan offers

Unlimited and easy access to doctors

Unlimited video/phone consultation with in-house, experienced and friendly doctors

2 Preventive home blood checkups

Each test includes 61 vital parameters to check the sugar levels, cholesterol levels, thyroid, kidney, and liver function, and help in immunity assessment with complete hemogram, iron levels, and essential vitamin levels.

Pharmacy benefit

The pharmacy benefit entitles you to order free medicines. You can reach our online pharmacy partners with a valid prescription to avail of this benefit.

Members can avail up to 30% discounts at 3500 partner centers in 50 cities.

Discounts on medicines (10-15%), diagnostics including blood and radiology tests (20%-30%).

Treatment areas include
  • Chronic disease management - Diabetes, Asthma, Hypertension, Arthritis & others
  • Manage common health problems - Fever, cough, allergies & others
  • Reduce future health risks with proactive treatment for cholesterol, thyroid, prediabetes, sleep disorders, PCOD & hormonal issues
  • Psychologist support to manage stress, anxiety & depression
  • Diet management and treatment for vitamin and nutritional deficiencies
Other Benefits

Live chat with a doctor. Ask questions and get expert advice

Consult a doctor and receive treatment and advice.

Video consultation from your smart phone or computer

Online prescriptions and medicine delivery

Book diagnostic tests for home sample collection

Medical records and vital health information

Doorstep diagnostic services, medicine delivery, home care treatment, and pecialist appointments at a discounted price.